Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Want a High-Stress Job with a Cocky Bay Area Start-Up?

Some excerpts:

  • Let's face it. You probably aren't up to this job. Don't feel bad. Most people aren't.
  • This is a critical job function and something that we can't hand over to just anybody who fancies themselves a product manager.
  • In order to have any possibility of success here, you'll need to have a strong mix of technology, product management, and marketing.
  • You'll need to have those two elusive properties that most people don't: passion for building great products and the taste to know what that means in the first place.
  • If you have an MBA from a top-10 business school and think that working at Cisco or Juniper is impressive, you're probably not right for this.
  • The average product manager from a multi-billion dollar behemoth would wilt under the pressure of our environment in less than two weeks.
  • We're a small company with not a lot of support staff.
Still interested? See here.

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