Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Support the Troops, Hippie!

Sport Clips, a nationwide haircutting chain that touts itself as some sort of manly place where manly men can watch manly sports on TV while they get their manly haircuts! is urging you to come in and get your hair cut so you can show that you don’t hate the troops.

Yes, it’s a stretch, as most “Support the Troops” tie-ins are, and it has that stink about it that suggests the owner of the company came up with it. It's for a good cause, of course. What Support the Troops ad scheme isn't for a good cause?

I've got a better idea, Sport Clips. Support the Troops without tying it to more business for you. Profiteering in the name of good works, while loudly drawing attention to those good works, is....

...oh, forget it. You wouldn't understand.

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