Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Now I Get Twitter

I've been sucked into the Twitterverse Black Hole through work-related necessity. I joined as a student of social media, and I've communicated through it on a few jobs. Mostly, it's a place to read witty tweets by snarky ad people or find out what some guy I've never met ate for breakfast this morning. Until tonight, I didn't understand Twitter's true power.

One of the people I follow is Justus Johnson of Plaid. Tonight, Justus tweeted this about what he was watching on TV.

Now, I know my cable has a built-in guide, and I know I can go to any number of sites that will list for me what is showing in my area, but this is much easier. I wasn't going to look that show up on any guide. Instead, I had the random chance, the unplanned catching of a show I'd been thinking about and wondering whatever happened to. Because Justus saw it, I saw it, ABC got another viewer, and I got to witness why this show doesn't make the rounds much anymore.

Wizards, warlocks. Santa is an outlaw, chased by toy-hating Nazis. Santa as an abandoned Moses baby, left on the doorstep of some family named Kringle. Grows up to defy the Nazis and deliver toys to kids who are needy. Nazis raid houses and confiscate toys, then hold a town-square rally where they burn all the toys and laugh as the town's children cry. Santa (Kris Kringle) locked up as a criminal. Kris' girlfriend gives the reindeer some drugs and they fly. Kris leads his people to the Promised Land (the North Pole), where they practice the works of Jesus, giving to the poor and needy, making life brighter for all the world.

Wow. It's been a while since I watched that show. Thanks, Justus. And long live Twitter.

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