Wednesday, April 08, 2009

As Seen on TV

My closet is crowded, but I'm not ever in a million years hiring one of these Closet Consultants who come over to your house and build a bunch of teak and mahogany shelves so that Barry Gibb and Jennifer Lopez can sit on my bed and be bored.

Do these things work?

According to a commenter on YouTube, it's all a bunch of lies; a swindle of the most diabolical nature.

Wonder Hangers are wonderful when you first hang your clothes. But they are made of plastic and will NOT hold up. They soon begin to stretch and even break under the weight of the clothes -- even clothes that aren't heavy. Plus, the processing and handling fee is exorbitant. It's a scam to get your money. I am ashamed aboutt how much I wound up paying. I have heard that QVC and Target have much better metal hangers for the money.

Maybe instead of making everything fit better in my closet, I should just get rid of my Bee Gees leisure suits and disco polyester pants, my padded rugby shirts and Robert Plant bell-bottomed jeans, my MC Hammer balloon pants and Micheal Jackson admiral coats with the scrub-brush epaulets, my Joan Jett leather pants and collection of Simon Cowell too-tight shirts, my Muammar Qaddafi khakis and Ahmadinejad imitation Member's Only jackets, my Pete Wentz ball-hugger jeans and David Hasselhoff shirts that only button to the mid-chest.


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  • The commercial is relentless in my market, but I have to laugh at the California Closets ad. The store locations are hysterical:

    Brighton (a hair away from Dorchester)
    Danvers (suburban north shore)
    Hyannis (storied enclave, & 'original' New Englanders)
    Wellesley (aka Swellsly)
    Hopkinton (only famous for being the start of the Boston Marathon)

    NONE of the locations have bored JLo/Barry Gibb types floating around. NONE. (And generally we only see white suits out on Confirmation Day. (Yick.)

    By Blogger Moda di Magno, at April 10, 2009 at 9:43 AM  

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