Friday, September 11, 2009

Your Trade-In as Downpayment, Liberal Credit Terms

No, not cars. Refrigerators. "See your GE dealer," says the affable spokesman. The spokeswoman is equally friendly and the pair give off a mysterious and almost creepy vibe, like they're going to cut you into little pieces and store you in their new refrigerator that they love so very much. I enjoy the cadence of the old way of speaking. She even says, "none at all" as if "at" and "all" are one word. You almost want to join them for mint juleps on the veranda of an evening, perhaps come summer. They will most certainly offer us cigarettes, as that is the proper and polite custom when entertaining company.

Beyond the fun of the time travel this ad provides, the spot reminds me that Americans have been "living beyond their means" for a long, long time.

Accidentally came upon this while trying to find a GE spot from last night's game that deviated from the usual GE commercial. Employees goofily singing and not staring at the camera in that "so proud to be a GE employee" way. Wait, that's Boeing's template. Whatever. This is more fun.

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