Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dale Peterson is Gonna Kick Some Ass

UPDATE: I would've lost that money I was going to place on Dale. Seems he got his ass kicked. Disregard this entire post.

I've been away for a week, so apologies if I'm posting something everyone else already has. (When I'm gone that long, I tend to mark all RSS items as "read" as I don't have the patience to sift through the thousands of things I missed.)

Via Dan Eck came this gem in my inbox for Alabama candidate for Agricultural Commissioner Dale Peterson. From the grand cinematic score to the veiled threats to calling his opponent a dummy, this guy should be a shoe-in for what he calls one of the most powerful positions in Alabama. Dog tags and Marine Corps insignia over the Constitution. Cowboy hat. Every cliche is covered. (Correction: He didn't include an American flag. Missed an opportunity there.) Every hot button hit. Via The Washington Post comes this quote: "Republican consultants are conspiring feverishly" to produce more such ads in order to "cross the Rachel Maddow Threshold and get mocked by liberals." I'm not mocking. What Rachel and the Screaming Left don't get is that this stuff works. This is advertising at its most effective. (Some guy who thinks he's funny has created a spoof of this. It's lame.) A commenter at that same WaPo link says, "It's ironic that some of the enlightened elite don't realize that Dale is in on the joke." The rifle is the perfect touch at the end. I'd put money on Peterson winning this primary on June 1.

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  • There was an Economist article about this stuff. That people don't like being preached too by the Liberal Elite...even if the LE was right (sometimes they are) and its in the targets best interest. And that simple symbolism like Guns God and Country will convince someone to vote against their own best interest if the other side comes across as smug and know it all. There are elites on both sides. Hoity-Toity-ers the lot of them ;-)

    That being said we all get to choose what our best interest is or not, and we all get snowed plenty in the process. I only get angry when people bitch about the results.

    By Anonymous Howie, at May 23, 2010 at 5:33 PM  

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