Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Money-Saving Tips for Unemployed Suburbanites

Hey, homeowner! Do you have garage clutter? Are your yard tools just leaning against a wall and making the space look like the unkempt shop of Slingblade or perhaps the backwoods hideout of a serial killer/child molester? Don't accept that fate! Now you can purchase this handy yard tool organizer for only $49.99! That's well below the manufacturer's suggested retail price!

But maybe you don't have a spare $50 right now. At Where's My Jetpack? we understand your situation. Why spend $50 on something you really don't need right now when what you need is gas in your tank to go to a job interview? So, do what we did! Go to Lowe's and find a display of those car washing wands. You can usually find two or three of them sitting together, none of them full. Consolidate the wands into one display rack and find a clerk. Ask the clerk if you can have that empty display rack that's just sitting there doing nothing. He or she will likely shrug and say something like, "I don't see why not."

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