Monday, July 26, 2010

Evil Trash Men Made Me Make You a Moonset Desktop Background

The county I live in recently awarded a new contract for trash removal to some evil company that I don't like. Used to be you could set the bins out for pick-up at 8 or 9 in the morning and you were fine. (We can't set them out overnight because the bears will strew trash all over the place, which is no fun at all to clean up.) So anyway, these new guys are evil. You can hear them squealing through the neighborhood at about 5:30 AM, and I can tell they're psyched by the revving of the engine and the speed at which they drive. They're psyched that this neighborhood hardly has any bins at the street. "HAHA! We got here so early these dolts didn't get their stuff out in time! We're home free!"

It took me a couple of times missing them to now sleep with one eye open on Sunday nights. ("Prison Sleep" I've heard it called.) So I'm stumbling out there this morning and saw the moon setting. It was pretty. Made me say, "Whoa," in my hazy state and go find the camera, which was fortunately set on the "You do all the thinking for me" setting and so I was able to see it later when I was awake. Click it for Mondo Moon size.

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