Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Everyone Knows Everything and No One's Ever Wrong

(...Until later*.)

Posterous. Tumblr. Twitter. Does anyone remember Friendster?  I got an email over the weekend from Technorati, the one-time leader in ranking blogs. They actually wanted 15 minutes of my time for a survey. I don't have three seconds for Technorati anymore, though they were once THE measuring stick for blog popularity. Digg. Stumble Upon. Fark. Fuck, it's all too much. The damned Yellow Pages runs ads on the radio now promising to get your business on all the social media sites the kids are using, including The Facebooks. Let's make a viral video! The 30-second spot is dead! Run around in circles chasing your Long-Tail. Engage the consumer. Hash-tag corned-beef hash. Groupon Coupon. SEO is king. SEO is dead. Twitter killed search. Instant Search killed Twitter. Twitter is Search. MySpace waste of space. LiveJournal is a DeadJournal. Xanga? Don't make me laugh.

Wild Frontier, kids. And for every sharpshooting gunslinger telling you what to do there are a thousand slick-suited tramps pulling covered wagons full of snake-oil. Problem is you just never know. Zuckerberg could do something so outlandishly invasive next week that a mass exodus will occur by Halloween. Goodbye, Facebook. Hello, Next Big Thing.

Don't get me wrong. Social media is good for your business. But beware the gurus and old-school agencies pretending to be reinvented. Trust your gut. Try it all. Ditch what doesn't work and move on to the next thing. Anyone claiming to know for sure what's going to work is either lying to you or just trying to convince himself.

It's fluid for now and for the foreseeable future.


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