Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Greatest Hits Remastered - Tweet Your Breakfast™

Sensors picked up an anomaly in blog stats and delivered this graph.

Seems someone posted the old "Tweet Your Breakfast" comic over at Reddit. That thing is nearly two years old and it keeps on giving, though rarely to my site as I was a dumb and naïve blogger in January of 2009 and never put any identifying information on the original image. Now it just gets shared all over the planet, but this blog remains at its usual, measly 150-200 visitors per day, (most of whom arrive here in search of naked women) unless a gentleman like RayTube comes along and IDs the thing on my behalf.

So, here it is again, only this time with a couple small identifiers on it. I also took the advice of HighJive and sat Major Mike Adams down in his chair. 

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