Thursday, October 14, 2010

Super Saturated Street Scenes - Washington, DC

There are so many sights on Google Street Views; everyday and ordinary things, captured in a moment when a funny looking car drove by. Pump up the saturation level and the scenes take on a surreal and dreamlike quality. Or at least they do for me. I can find and frame scenes all day long.

Here a child is at play on the banks of the Anacostia River, apparently herding geese with a stick.

Anacostia Drive, SE, looking across to the District Yacht Club.  
(Click for the massive, full screen size)

This link will take you to more of my super saturated street scenes, and in cooperation with Google, all of my compositions will be brought together in a giant coffee table book available very soon*. When it's released it will be met with bookstore protests by privacy rights alarmists who think blurred faces and illegible license plates aren't enough to protect us from the evil Big Brother that is Google. "They drove by me! They took a picture of my house! We must stop this menacing intrusion!" Get over it. Your whole life is documented, right down to every item you ever purchased with your debit card. 

* Well, OK, not really, but I'm throwing the idea out there for Google to ponder.

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