Monday, December 13, 2010

Busting the Twitter Whores

The Twitter people do a pretty good job of finding and rooting out the obvious exploiters. Here are the icons of a few recent followers.
Now, granted, these fine ladies were following Ronnie Reed, who is only asking for such company when his twitter name is Ronnie6969xxx. Ronnie would love them. Since I have images blocked in my gmail, I never see their icons. So when you click on a profile link in your email to see if maybe this person is legit, you get taken to a Twitter screen with a message something like this:
They always have names like MonicaF75, are following 65 people with 0 followers and 1 tweet, which is in most cases a link that is going to get you in trouble in one way or another. Twitter does a great job of getting rid of them. Now if only they would get rid of the life coaches, social media experts, bad comedians and foreign currency traders, all of whom are just as whorish.

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