Thursday, January 27, 2011

This is Why We Don't Care

Florida has a reputation throughout the rest of the country as being a home for inbreeding, trailer parks, old people and barefoot rednecks. Like most stereotypes, these notions are all based in some bit of truth. Just like we regard Northeasterners as loud, obnoxious and wearing knit caps like they all work at the docks; or how we regard Pacific Northwesterners as pot-smoking, scraggly bearded vegans; or how we think of people in Texas as dim-witted yahoos bent on drinking beer and having sexual relations with livestock. Pick any place, really, and there is a stereotype to go with it. England: bad teeth; Ireland; drunks; Italy or France; philanderers; Australia, criminals; Japan, sex-with-robots - the list goes on.

Of course none of these prejudices are true. And even if they are, here's why we don't care what you think down here in Florida, all you miserable snow-bound pasty cold people bundled up in fancy, expensive scarves and boots, reading your hipster blogs and thinking you're so much better than everybody else.

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