Monday, September 12, 2011

Twitter and Facebook: We're On It - But Not Really

Over the last few weeks I've been conducting short interviews by phone with clients, hoping to get a feel for their businesses as I prepare to write up overviews and figure an angle to present their offers. When I see that they have Facebook and Twitter icons on their sites, I ask if they stay active with those platforms. More often than not the answer is, "Not really. Someone told us we should be on there so we did." One person I spoke with said she paid a lot of money to someone to get her on a few social platforms, yet she had no idea she could very easily find out when people were talking about her business on them.  

If you're a new media agency selling these services, you'd do well to actually teach your clients how to use them; go beyond the obligatory set-up and selection of an avatar. In many cases, you'd do even better to simply take over the day-to-day usage of social media for your clients, or show them where to find a modestly paid intern to do it for them. Many of them are just wallowing, or they're simply getting their feet wet and then deciding it was a dumb idea to venture in at all.

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  • The genesis for my Tweet Dave is I decided to thin the herd I follow on Twitter so I see more tweets from the people I love and value like yourself (I hate lists). And one service starts from the earliest follows. And as I combed through I found so many inactive accounts. Which Twitter of course includes in their 'Gross Accounts' numbers just like Facebook does to impress investors and marketers. I have blogged about how little we actual use Social Media vs what the Mashables, Talking Heads who write books and give speeches, VCs, and the Social Media Agencies want us to believe.

    So love this post. Real life trumps 'online fake life' every time!

    By Anonymous Howie G, at September 12, 2011 at 12:08 PM  

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