Friday, October 07, 2011

Where Ya Been, Dave?

...asked a friendly email query.

Yeah, sorry. The job has been really crazy busy of late. Writing copy for 120 clients in a soon to be launched partnership between the company I'm with and a major airline. I know so much about day spas, kayaks, dog-sledding, salons and four-course dinners with wine pairings now, it's insane. I'm also learning a lot about Chicago and Denver, the two target cities we've been focusing on. It's actually quite fun to write about so many different things, as opposed to previous jobs where I wrote for one client day in and day out, and usually a client whose goods and/or services I had zero confidence in and would never purchase myself. We expect to launch later this month. I'll keep you posted.

Another thing keeping me busy is the sudden "success" of Radio Free Babylon on Facebook. I hovered around 100 "Likes" for months, but somehow one or two of my comics got shared around Facebook and now I've got thumbs-up all over the place. It's pretty cool, but at the same time now I feel pressure to create more of them, and faster, which is stupid since most internet comics release one a week. I've been on a four-a-day pace since I saw the spike in traffic early this week. Somebody once said, "Leave them wanting more." I should take the weekend off. It's not like anyone is paying me to do these, but I do love to do them. Maybe they will turn into something I can't even foresee at this point. Right now I'm just trying to learn to navigate the strange world of Facebook Fans, something I've done for clients in the past but never for myself. "What is the brand voice?" you find yourself asking yourself. "It's your voice, idiot!" yourself responds.

In other news; Fall has arrived in Florida. This is official as the pool is now too cold for swimming. I tried to prolong the inevitable, jumping in early this week. A Canadian might've found it delightful, but we're wimps down here, and it was "bracing." So soon we'll be pulling out the pants with cloth down to the ankle - whatever they call those things that aren't shorts - and putting on those funny things that cover your feet when you have to wear those other kind of shoes that aren't flip-flops.

Football is here and at Casa de Jetpacks we are thrilled. I hope to find a spot or two from the weekend viewing that is worthy of scorn, mocking, ridicule or praise.

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