Monday, June 24, 2013

Mad Men Season 7 Series Finale Spoiler

There's only one way for this show to end next year and I'll make that prediction here on the morning after Season 6 ended.

Matthew Weiner, though notoriously secretive, always throws out clues.

Don Draper has to die. He's been falling for six, long drawn out years.  It's the only thing that will ever give this tortured, pathetic "genius" any relief. Redemption is not an option for Don.

At the end of next season, he will be on the beach in LA, with a bottle of course, and then he will act out his ad for the Sheraton Hawaii that no one but he liked.

The drowning references have been numerous: Don face down in the pool earlier this season, the drowning in alcohol all series long, the falling man of the opening credits. Don might appear at some point next season to have it all together finally; a new, younger-than-Megan wife/girlfriend, maybe temporarily sober, a house on the beach, kids who finally don't hate him and visit often. But Don, being Don, will fall into the deep blue sea.

And Weiner, being Weiner, will accompany this final act with some sad/happy song from the era.

No one will be surprised.      

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