Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So...Maybe Banner Ads DO Work

...sometimes. On another site, I was ranting about the death of the banner. I think I need to retract that post.

I was over at the Kelly Blue Book site last night, wondering if our piece of crap old Saab was worth fixing or if it might be better to just throw it away.

After a very simple narrowing down process to find the vehicle I was after, the smart folks at Kelly Blue Book served me uKellybluebookbannerp a banner that caught my eye.

Note that I was searching a 1992 4-door Saab hatchback. So Kelly grabs my info and customizes a banner, knowing that I have a crappy old Saab that isnt' worth much. Ding - I get a banner for a brand new 4-door Saab. Kind of simple, but still, very smart and the way banners should be done, provided you have the inventory that Kelly apparently does. I know Amazon and the like have been doing this sort of search-based suggestion stuff for years, but I am used to banners that flash in horrible colors and shout at me about products I neither want nor need.

Did I click on it? No. I don't have a spare $35 K to toss at a new car. But still, this is how it's done. It made me look anyway, whereas I usually don't even glance at the tops of pages.

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