Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hummers Suck

Just finished reading Robert Kaplan's latest book, "Imperial Grunts," in which Kaplan reveals that Special Forces troops in Afghanistan prefer Toyota's Land Cruiser to the HUMVEE. More manueverable, lest prone to breakdown and just plain more reliable. (Click that link above to read my review of the book.)

I am SICK of seeing H2s all over the place, which are nothing more than glorified Chevy Tahoes, WITHOUT the bed. In addition to thinking they are somehow now associated with the tough image of the military, this ad for the H3 sums up nicely why people keep buying these pieces of crap: "More Chrome. More Luxury." Ho-hum.

Yeah - tell that to the troops in Afghanistan, Hummer. "More Luxury! More chrome! Yeah!" Why don't you concentrate on your initial mission of providing reliable, safe transportation for our troops rather than how cool MC AndreDanger is going to look cruising down the streets of Inner City America or how on-the-prowl divorced Soccer Mom from Suburbia USA will look buying groceries?

Hey, Toyota, isn't it about time we get this information out to the SUV buying masses? Hummers suck.

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