Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Most Depressing Tech Advertising Ever

Click image for bignessIt's mid-20th Century Germany, the memory of the war still fresh in your mind, the nationwide devastation evident in your government subsidized studio apartment that you've decorated as best you can on your meager salary, your workspace a tiny child's desk, a hand-me-down gift from the occupying Americans.

Siemens understands your plight and is working to at least provide your family with passive entertainment. Keep the drapes drawn against the cratered streets and shells of buildings that were once your glorious city. Watch TV. It will soothe the pain.

Cheer up, former servant of the Third Reich. Even though Siemens supported Hitler and participated in the "Aryanizing" of businesses, using slave labor from concentration camps to build electric switches for military uses, they understand your situation and want to help you and your family. Better times are ahead, Citizen. Stop slouching in defeat. Sit tall at your baby desk and work hard. Someday, things will not be so bad.

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