Tuesday, March 13, 2007

All Around the World - Gotta Spread the Word

The Band? It's not like they're U2 or anything.Cha-Chingular

Freelance Fred's been on the case of what will likely end up being called a "misunderstanding" between BBDO, their client Cingular and a musician named Levon Helm. Seems BBDO used one of Helm's tunes and is not paying.

That ain't right. Now, if this whole Web 2.0 social media next big thing was meant to do anything, it was meant to get things done. Right wrongs. Share ideas. Collaborate.

Spread the story and tag your entries with BBDO, Helm and Cingular. Might as well throw AT&T on there too. You know the social media strategists and brand reputation management types don't like tags with negative connotations and will work to correct. I am not familiar with Helm's work, though I know he was pretty popular in his day and his group influenced a lot of other musicians, so he likely has some cash stored away, but still, it's the principle. You think anyone would try to do that to Mick and the boys? Take their music without paying? Crusty Ol' Mick would sue them straight to Hell (where he keeps a legal residence) and they know it. Let's get Mr. Helm some money.

Disclaimer: I'm locked into a Cingular contract. This is an actual line from the contract: "...until the end of the world or until Jesus returns, whichever comes first."

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