Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bargain Barn

In a gesture of goodwill toward that horrible beer, Guinness, which I can't stand and derided earlier for their attemtps to turn St. Patrick's Day into St. Patrick's Season, I have tastefully distorted and overlayed the Guinness logo on the roof of the barn in the banner of this blog in honor of St. Patrick's day. (The barn is in Sperryville, VA.) I suspect this gesture will result in untold thousands of cases of Guinness being sold between now and Saturday. Drink up, America. St. Patrick would've wanted it that way.

Barn advertising was a common practice in America for many years, but was deemed an eyesore apparently in the 1960s. (According to a book on the subject.) I've decided to bring barn advertising back, at least to this blog. I won't do the Google Adsense thing. I just don't like that sort of page clutter. You come here for the text in the middle of the page, not the distractions on the periphery. (Except for the "Linkers and Lurkers" section, because they are all worthwhile bloggers.)

If you want your company's logo seen by over 1 million unique visitors per day* then you should contact me and we'll discuss how you can advertise on the barn in the banner of this blog.

*Total lie. But we can talk frivolous and immaterial things like numbers if you are serious about maximizing eyeballs for enhanced ROI built on a unique and robust synergistic platform with total scalability and entry-level portability.

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