Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Internet is Cool

So I'm reading Copyranter, and a guy named David comments that one of CR's posts reminds him of a brutal review in the New York Press of a Chuck Klosterman book. I finish the review determined never to read a single word Chuck Klosterman writes, which probably isn't fair to Mr. Klosterman, but the reviewer makes a great case. The review mentions that Klosterman is from North Dakota. I recalled having skewered that state's tourism promotion a few posts back, calling the state "flat." Being the responsible, fact checking journalist that I am, I wanted to verify that assumption after the fact by finding some pictures of North Dakota using the fairly reliable Google image search.

Which lead me to these glimpses of life as a North Dakota Dairy Princess. The woman on the right in the first photograph wears the shameful sash of "Alternate Dairy Princess," but she still got to be a booth babe at the all you can drink ice cold milk booth.

To view the North Dakota Dairy Princess rules, click here.

To view the North Dakota Dairy Princess application form, click here.

To view the North Dakota Dairy Princess scholarship application, click here.

Applications are due by July 1. Good luck to all of you.

And the state does look pretty flat in a lot of parts.

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