Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Livin' for The City

This shot was likely pre-planned by a Googlite and his girlfriend. "You wanna be famous, baby? I'll be near your house on 44th Ave. at about 10 AM. When you see the car with the funky thing on top, open the passenger door and show me your thong."

Now that the Google vehicles have traversed a few cities and given us street level views of the random and daily happenings of San Francisco, Miami, New York , etc. time to go watch the world here, where viewers with lots of time are compiling the offbeat and the mundane. I've noticed that images from NYC are always blurry when it comes to people on the street, while SF's images are remarkably clear.

All the outcry over "Big Brother" is a little overblown. These aren't live views. Yet. UPDATE: But it's true, as pointed out in the comments, that the criminally-minded now have a service with which to plan their upcoming misdeeds. No more shady stalking and looking suspicious while you map the best route into that home you're going to burglarize, that airport you're going to disrupt, the best grassy knoll near the motorcade route, etc.

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