Monday, July 16, 2007

Verbal Typo

Politicians usually get ignored when delivering their empty speeches to empty chambers, but one of Florida's Senators, Bill Nelson, is getting some unwanted radio and TV airtime for this poor choice of words delivered on the Senate floor recently.

The word, of course, has different meanings, and it could be argued that he was speaking of "social intercourse," but in an age when every misstep in public life is amplified on YouTube and then scrutinized by bloggers with nothing better to do, I'll bet he wishes he could take it back. If he were running for office, some unscrupulous competitor might make a deal over this. As it is, it's just a nice old man who seems to have sex on the brain. It might even make a great military recruitment pitch: Army Strong: Plus the Best Sex You'll Ever Have.

On another note, the Senator's website is a nice changeup from the usual official government representative's site. Bill doesn't go for the top banner that features a waving American flag, nor is he posed in his dark blue suit with American flag lapel pin. He doesn't show the seal of the Senate or any of the other trappings common to most official government websites, like this awful, pandering iconic overload. Bill is trying to get all bloggy and social media on us. I like it, in contrast.

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