Thursday, August 23, 2007

Getting Down to Business

The Munsingwear Creative Brief (zing!) is handed to the art director and copywriter:

AD: They want us to highlight the "stretchy seat" of these underwear.
CW: So I guess it gives you lots of comfort and room?
AD: Yeah, not constricting. Let's you move without binding or hindering daily activity.
CW: How about a man riding a horse in his underwear?
AD: What? Are you gay? Please!
CW: Just trying to think here, man. OK, how about a man doing some acrobatics, like tumbling or trapeze?
AD: OK, you're on to something there, but still, too faggy.
CW: Hurdles? Pole vault? Discus?
AD: No, no, no.
OK. Thinking...
AD: I've got it! Wrestling! With another man!
CW: I don't know. That seems sort of...
AD: What?
CW: Oh, I don't know. Queer?
AD: You're such a homophobe. Write the copy. I'm going to scout for models at the Y.

Previously in questionable underwear ads of yesteryear.


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