Friday, August 31, 2007

Link Laundry

Some T-shirt shout-outs for some stuff I've been wasting time on this week when I was supposed to be working.

James has been pondering Hell in the heat of a poop-filled Dallas backyard.

It's a small blog world. Jordan's uncrowned king of design bloggers is Ahmad Humeid. Visit his blog at 360East. Also visit his company, Syntax.

The Assimilated Negro is moving on up, having been published at HuffPo and the new EbonyJet.

A local radio guy, whose station IDs and creative productions are stellar, is on the ground floor of some new Web 2.0-ish endeavor, complete with "beta" underneath. Good place to find blog ideas.

Kym gave a full three-weeks notice and her boss still went all vindictive psycho on her.

Copyranter is under the impression that Campari is trying to use Salma Hayek's breasts to sell liquor. Always reading into things.

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