Thursday, August 02, 2007

Open Mic Night - Numero Dos

As I promised back on my one year anniversary as one more ad blogger in a sea of ad blogs, I'm going to start putting up songs in the top of the sidebar for you to mock and despise. The song up there now is called "André Cliché (Talk to Me)."

There is no genre for this music as far as I know, so I've dubbed it NeoFolkFunk. This recording is still in production. It was done at a cool studio in Dallas that holds as its claim to fame "the place where Vanilla Ice recorded Ice Ice Baby." (Erykah Badu has also recorded there.) The drummer, a former colleague, had only heard the tune the night before and did his part in one take. (He also hadn't drummed in a few years) My vocals have yet to be done correctly and we also need something else on there, just what I don't know yet. Maybe a trumpet. Doesn't matter though, as money for production dried up and the tapes now sit languishing in Dallas. So it's sort of raw still. If you can't make out the lyrics, they're here.

It's a story-song about the kind of guy everyone knows and no one likes.

Archived Open Mic Night music will be housed here.

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