Friday, August 24, 2007

You Rock, Dude

My advance apologies to any faithful readers who own a tie like this.

The guy who buys these ties is thinking, "Hey, man. Just 'cause I wear a suit doesn't mean I'm not a!" He's got a foot in both worlds and the kids in the office will respect him because he's a cool boss. He is the same guy who keeps a shiny pair of his and hers Harleys in the garage for Sunday rides in full leather tough-guy costume, headscarf mandatory. (Not a headscarf fashioned from a bandana, which is what a headscarf is supposed to be, but a pre-cut, pre-tied headscarf with a Harley logo on it.)

The kids in the office are thinking, "What a dork," or whatever kids call dorks these days.

Speaking of old rockers not being cool, check out Ross Halfin's excellently brutal synopsis of a recent Stones concert in London. "Dire...lifeless...dreadful...awful."

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