Thursday, September 06, 2007

If You Can't Trust a Paid Blogger...

Who can you trust, right? The following is a pretend Pay-Per-Post. I hate the concept of pay-per-post, because it invites flattering commentary of a less-than-honest variety. And I really hope all the venture capital thrown at that stupid idea dries up. But I still want to review this product (and this restaurant) because I like them. Everything I write here is true – only I will write it in that fake pay–per-post way. (With an updated opening suggested by Bill Green in the comments.)

Hey, Guys! I came across this really great product you should try! I love Mae Ploy, a sweet chili sauce from Thailand. It is used in many Asian dishes. It is an ideal dipping sauce with spring rolls, dim sums, or fish cakes. If you have ever ordered barbecued chicken from a street vendor in Thailand, it was most assuredly accompanied by Mae Ploy. It has a medium to hot taste. I will even dip tortilla chips in it. I use it on burgers in place of ketchup and mustard. I will also dip steak in it. And chicken. I put it on burritos and tacos and fajitas. I introduced it to my sister-in-law and she put it on a salad as dressing!! Is that crazy, or what? LOL!!!

I found out about Mae-Ploy at a local Tex-Mex restaurant called Tijuana Flats. I think they should call their cuisine Cal-Mex, because Tijuana is near California, but that's not important. The important thing is they are cool. You will know this when you go to their website, which is all done in Flash, with a guy with tattooed arms sweeping away the screen when you click on something new. It's like he's a busboy or something! Is that cool, or what? LOL!!!

Tijuana Flats is also cool because they have a “We don’t care, man - Just relax!” attitude but you can tell they really do care. They make their server girls dress in really low jeans with short shirts and all of the guys in the kitchen have emo glasses, earrings and are starting to learn to cultivate their various facial hair designs. Many of the employees even have tattoos! Tijuana Flats started in Central Florida but they are developing franchises everywhere, even as far north as Pittsburgh. If you go to their website, you can find out if there is a location near you. I hope there is. You can also tell they are cool because they play really loud hipster music on their website. When you eat there, though, the music mix is kind of messed up. You might hear the Bee Gees followed by Missy Elliot.

Anyway, I really like Mae Ploy, a sweet chili sauce from Thailand. You should buy some. I get mine at Tijuana Flats - and I always make sure to ask for the BIG bottle. LOL!!! You can find it in lots of places just by typing “Mae Ploy” in a search engine.

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