Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cargoes of Gold, Silver, Precious Stones and Pearls

T, The New York Times Style magazine, is filled with ads for stuff a good 99.999% of us will never buy, like a $47.5 million 5th Avenue penthouse, $9,000 sofas and other luxuries that make you shake your head in bemused wonder and simultaneous disgust. I enjoy some of the pictorials of cool architecture, but there is a level of pretentiousness within this magazine that causes me to pick it out of the paper first thing, because I know that every ad within competes with the next, where a simple chair, shoe, stove or clock is treated as a one-of-a-kind museum piece. Maybe I'm just jealous of the exceedingly rich, but I like to believe that if I had millions of dollars, I still wouldn't spend $10,800 on a Pergamena Folding Camp Bed.

So it was kind of nice to see lowly Target take out a detachable 8-panel brochure in this week's edition, highlighting what they call Design for All® which featured "great design from A to Z."

I'm sure your average Central Park West socialite wouldn't slum at Target unless they had a real emergency and a handy disguise, but the ad artfully conveys that great design need not be expensive. (The item chosen for the letter Q was the Q-tip. A simple design and a great invention.) And if you're the kind of person who looks at my Vietnamese-made rubberwood workstation here at home and determines that I'm a cheap, swamp-dwelling Target shopper who probably still prefers the Levi's® brand for jeans and spends zero dollars on haircuts,' d be right.

Now, maybe while Target is so focused on cool design that functions well, they can find a new vendor to supply an alternative to those broke-down red plastic ghetto shopping carts. I've yet to push one that didn't have a bad wheel and a weird clunking noise.

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  • Home Depot makes those same carts, in orange. Squeeky wheel and all.

    By Blogger Make the logo bigger, at October 8, 2007 at 7:02 PM  

  • "I'm sure your average Central Park West socialite wouldn't slum at Target unless they had a real emergency and a handy disguise,"

    Ah, you underestimate the ways of the Socialite, my friend. First off, "socialites" always live on Park Avenue. The ones on CPW all have some faux artsy job title like "writer" or "humanitarian" or "activist"

    But both groups think it great sport to go slumming at Target, which they of course pronounce "Tar-zhay" and to pair the $19.99 sweater they got at Tar-zhay with the $1999.99 pants they got at Bar-nays and pronounce themselves the utmost in chic.

    By Blogger Toad, at October 8, 2007 at 9:09 PM  

  • I knew I was going out on a limb there, Toad, pretending to understand the ways of the NYC socialite.

    By Blogger Jetpacks, at October 8, 2007 at 9:12 PM  

  • They also go to Wal-Mart when they somehow end up at a private college in a small town... in the South.

    By Blogger Thinking In Vain, at October 10, 2007 at 2:10 PM  

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