Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Anatomy of a Blog Post

So, I'm sitting around the cube farm (hole in firewall still) wondering, "If I could use current presidential candidates as models for ads, what would I have them endorse?" (Someone has to wonder these things.) I was thinking of Hillary in her "conversation" pose, hawking Ethan Allen furniture.

I thought of Obama in his starched white open-collar shirts, doing that JC Penney pose he's got down.

I thought of John Edwards pretending to be a working man in his very new jeans, maybe endorsing Skoal.

Guiliani for some home security alarm system.

Huckabee for Fender basses. Etc.

So I find the perfect Obama shot. Then I did an image search for "JC Penney catalog" and got this. Game over. Nothing is as funny / stupid as old 70s fashion. Let the captioning begin.

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