Monday, December 17, 2007

I Remember One Time, She Smiled at Me

Team Hillary is getting the sense that voters perceive their candidate as "unlikable." Wow. Really? Enter The Hillary I Know, a website where everyday people like you and me tell nice stories about what Hillary has done for them.

The first name basis she assumes with us is off-putting to me. Now she wants to be the friendly neighborhood Mom who always takes the time to listen to the troubles around her. Why even bother?

Hey, Team Hillary: your candidate is known as fierce to the point of dangerous. She is known for sinking her teeth into things and holding on like a rabid pit bull. She is known for sticking knives deep into the backs of enemies and then twisting those knives with psychotic glee. So, play to those strengths.

It looks like the coronation may have to be cancelled.

And look at that picture. It's the 70s, and judging from the half-closed eyes and delighted smiles, it appears a young couple may have been engaging in a little experimentation with cannabis. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But don't tell me you never did.

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