Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Church of Heineken - UPDATE

Heineken's Share the Good is up. Seems it's merely a place to show pictures of yourself holding a Heineken Premium Light. Wow. "Sharing the Good" apparently means "Buy someone a Heinie," which makes me wonder why the radio script included a reference to cleaning up trash at the docks. As brand websites go, it's nothing to write home about, though as Jessie Birks notes at AdRants, "I love their age verification treatment." I also like the dragable dial that takes you to other menu items.

I'm glad "Share the Good" isn't a religion as the radio ad hinted it might be. Those things just don't work. (SunChips has apparently modified their silly effort of last year called Live Brightly.) But all this turns out to be is a place to upload a picture of yourself holding a Heineken? Are people really that desperate to see themselves on a brand's website? Expect limited uploads, Heineken. OK, maybe they'll allow their images to be used if they're drinking free beer at a product launch party, as most of these people seem to be doing.

It's not exactly "I'd like to buy the world a Coke," but it's striving in that same direction.

Heineken has a history of creating tag lines that might be used in real life. Before I could (legally) drink, they had "Come to think of it, I'll have a Heineken," which was very catchy and I'm sure heard in bars the world over. I think "Share the good" might be heard at a frat party when someone walks in with a case of Heineken Premium Light and those holding more affordable beers cry out, "Share the good, bro!" And the guy with the Heinies answers, "Gimme $3 and I'll let you have one."

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