Thursday, August 07, 2008

That Elusive Agency Job

The one with the corner suite, casual dress, car allowance, fat salary, fatter bonuses, paid vacation travel, cool accounts, cool clients who let you do cool shit, trips to exotic locales for expensive film shoots, trips to far-away awards shows, in-office bar, free sushi for lunch every day, funky cool furniture and so much business that you have to turn down good work? You know, that dream job? It doesn't exist. (Except maybe in Denmark.)

But here in Orlando at the AAF affiliated Orlando Advertising Federation (of which I am not a member), there are no jobs in advertising at all. When this site finally comes back up, it will display the same lousy jobs it has had up there for many weeks. (yes, that's the URL for the local club) was partnered with Create Magazine for their job listings, but when Create got purchased by, which uses Media Bistro for their job listings, things went to hell fast and I guess OAF took things in-house. Now we have this.

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