Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Autumn People

Sitting out back tonight, waiting for some pork chops on the grill, I was tempted to run inside and grab the camera, as even here in Florida, the arrival of Fall can be felt. There was a golden moment that lasted for only half a minute, where light and depth seem almost stereoscopic, as if you're looking at a multi-layered PSD and the saturation has been cranked up. Had I run inside to grab the camera, I would've missed it, so I just enjoyed it for the brief time it lasted. Autumn is magical to me.Jason Ertel of New Jersey, who I found through James Helms of Dallas, does the Autumn thing quite nicely. He uses a Nikon D50 and then does something in Photoshop to give his images a surreal quality that reminds me of Ray Bradbury stories. It's easy to get lost on his site. And just like when I watch a great guitar player doing his thing and feel unworthy to ever touch a guitar again, Jason makes me feel like I do not deserve to own a D50 myself.

Another fine photographer who I found linking to this site is David Torrence of St. Louis. He's available for advertising and editorial work, I'm pretty sure.

Yeah, there's something in the air
It's like Autumn all the time
Where the world's 3D and layered deep
Clouds marching for the shoreline like they're walking in their sleep

- Telegraph Canyon

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