Friday, October 03, 2008

7 Things Never Going Out of Style

Brick. Looks great—lasts a long time. Impervious to trends and yet incorporated into trends throughout the years, brick rules. Even the name “brick” says “Here to Stay.”

Triumph Bonneville. I cannot describe it, but I know it when I see it. This is no crotch-rocket Ninja death bike. It’s not your dentist’s glimmering Sunday fantasy role-playing toy, either. It’s just a classic bike built for riding.

Converse Chuck Taylors. It doesn’t matter if they’re black, blue, or plaid, they’ve been cool since they were invented. They cross socio-economic and ethnic lines and are just as acceptable with jeans as they are with a black suit.

Coke. This brand rules its category. It will always beat Pepsi and it will always be red and white and it will always taste great. The shape of the bottle, the script logo, the way it makes you think of summer.

Mead Composition Book. You can pay $16 for your fancy trendy notebook with the faux-leather cover and the little elastic closer deal, but for notes, this hardcover classic is king.

Coffee. In a ceramic cup or mug. Without additives that turn it into a desert. And without a straw. And without a sleeve around the paper cup. And without some logo on it. Coffee. Joe. Hot Liquid Hope. As God intended it.

The metal folding chair. Not that you’d want a bunch of them in your home as furnishings, but this utilitarian and Spartan device is efficient and trouble-free. Knockabout toughness that no one cares might get scratched.

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