Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Well Then. There You Go.

Thank you, Valley high school students, for your astute analysis. Thank you, Mercury News, for your intrepid reporting. Thank you, Google, for sifting through the vast sources of news to find me quality headlines.

The Right loves to scream about this stuff as if it’s evidence of some sort of “mainstream bias” where they have no say in the public sphere. That’s bullshit. I flipped around some AM stations this morning on the way in and it was all McCain all the time, with all the callers saying he won the thing hands down. (One interesting new spin tactic on the Right that I heard is to call Obama “That Guy” or “This Guy.”)

Everyone’s got their favorite echo chamber, and no one’s mind will be changed at this point. The true test will be when it’s over. Will the losing side have the grace to admit that the elected one is now the President of the entire country, even the disaffected and bitter half? I fear "respect for the office" will be severely diminished come January.

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  • I fear "respect for the office" will be severely diminished come January.

    I didn't really think it could diminish even further than it already has....

    By Blogger Thinking In Vain, at October 8, 2008 at 10:54 AM  

  • And Valley Elementary students agree that blue cookies taste better than red ones.

    By Blogger M.M. McDermott, at October 8, 2008 at 1:23 PM  

  • Okay, D.W....As a former staunch right-winger, I'm here to say the left position is no better that that of conservatism. We are both pawns in a bigger game - and I'm not talking about conspiracy theories....I'm talking about pure 'institutional analysis'. The masses have been marginalized and consent is manufactured by the media. I finally discovered Chomsky - and more importantly 'get' what he has been trying to tell us for the last 40+ years. I'm not saying he's the next Messiah, or anything, but...when did we stop thinking for ourselves? Do we REALLY think either candidate will make a difference other than one that is 'perceived' via promotion by the American PR machine? I'm going to pull a Spiccoli (obscure 80's reference) and draw out a surfboard on my ballot filling in whatever dots form the image....doesn't really matter who I select.

    By Blogger thompanilla, at October 8, 2008 at 2:18 PM  

  • It only gets worse after. If Obama wins, Faux News will only come at him even harder. If McCain wins, WGOP talk radio will tell Dems non-stop to just ‘get over it.’

    By Blogger Make the logo bigger, at October 9, 2008 at 12:27 AM  

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