Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hell's Half-Acre on God's Green Earth

The Global Warming Cultists have figured it out. You can't have some hipster dick giving us the spiel about conservation and alternative sources of energy. The hipster dicks are already WAY on board. As are their hipster girlfriends who voted for Obama and are toying with the notion of veganism. And those types of spokespeople only piss off the naysayers. Last thing they want to see is some half-man who just discovered he can almost grow a beard, pleading for the planet in a plaintive, nearly-crying voice.

The people not sold on the Earth is Dying Tomorrow Doctrine need to hear from an old dude in an old truck, mixing his metaphors, confusing God and Satan and who owns that patch of ugly land he drives his plug-in green Ford F-150 around.

He talks tough and throws in a dig at the dirty Iranians, so you know he's "one of us." He mentions he's from Arizona, so you know how he cast his vote. Only thing missing is a McCain bumper sticker.

I think this is from Al Gore's group.

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