Friday, January 02, 2009

In the Year 2012, Your Soul Will Belong to Google (or Geico)

It's not just NYC, LA, Miami and Denver anymore. It seems Google has just about finished mapping the country and has uploaded a bunch more street views, so even many of you people in the far reaches of flyover America are not immune from the Google Eye. (Not to be confused with the stupid new Geico campaign featuring the googley eyes. DUMB! Martin Agency: call me - you're now too close to the work and can't see what works anymore. Googley eyes might make kids laugh and a couple people might remember that horrific song from the 80s you're now using, but that shit won't sell insurance.)

Here's an area I randomly zoomed in to, somewhere northwest of Amarillo, Texas. Find your home. See if you can see yourself naked in the bedroom window.

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