Friday, January 16, 2009

Not a Fan

At the risk of angering most of the world, it seems, I am unable to appreciate this guy, who now occupies a spot on my list of "World's Most Overrated Musicians." (Which is technically incorrect, since I'm pretty sure this guy only sang.)

If you own a pizza place, you are required to play five Frank Sinatra songs per hour. In Miami recently, I endured three of "Old Blue Eyes'" tunes in a single lunch. My local Italian restaurant has giant pictures of him (along with the rest of the "Rat Pack") on the walls.

I just don't get it. His music to me is boring. He's supposed to be "cool" but I'm not hearing it. I suppose my Italian half should be loyal to him, but to me his popularity (like Tony Bennett's) is some long-lasting fad, where people are required to cite him as one of the greats.

And in the above picture, he's wearing a pinkie ring. To quote the Most Interesting Man in the World, "No."

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