Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Marketing Your Church to an Ever-Moving Target

How to Get Free, Constant Exposure!
Striking While The Iron's Hot!
Making the Most of a Media Circus!

I'm sure they've created their talking points over at First Baptist Church of Orlando, justifying why helicopters, news trucks and vans and thousands of people who never knew Caylee Anthony or her family are gathering in the church for a PUBLIC "memorial service" orchestrated by the grandmother of the slain toddler.

If you're unfamiliar with the case, good for you. Try to stay that way. It's a sordid tale given way too much press by a ghoulish media, headed by Chief Demon Nancy Grace, who fanned the flames nightly in a self-righteous roar, boosting her ratings. The tragic tale was lapped up by a sick segment of society that now believes they knew this little girl.

And in an effort to appear compassionate, along comes this church, portraying itself as a gracious and welcoming place for "healing and hope" for our community as we "move past this ordeal and find closure."

And you're welcome to come back this Sunday!

And how about this for some sick advertising over at WESH news? Another little girl goes missing, and be sure to watch LIVE COVERAGE of the memorial!

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