Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where is This Place They Call Baja?

It's not too smart to make apologies for your product right off the bat. Like the regional grocery chain that says, "We're getting better all the time!" You might as well say, "We don't suck as much as we used to!"

Here comes Long John Silver's, acting as though fish tacos are a strange, new thing, even going so far as to say "Sounds Weird!" in a tag for the taco.

What sounds weird is your approach, Long John Silver's. Fish tacos have been staples in coastal towns for decades, but I'll cut you some slack and allow that maybe you thought your audience in middle America would say, "Gawl-Dang! Fish in a taco? What the hell?" but that also presumes that your audience in middle America has never turned on a TV, read a magazine or jumped online. I can find fish tacos in Omaha right now with a simple search, so maybe they're not as "weird" as you presume in your stupid campaign. They even titled the spot, "Dare," and "dared" a dumb city-boy to try this daring thing called a fish taco. "Sounds Weird!" Gahhhh! STOP IT!

Just put them on the menu and stop apologizing. Present yourself as the place to get the tastiest fucking fish tacos this side of Rosarito Beach. Do a little surf culture commercial with hot chicks in bikinis eating fish tacos with the sauce dripping out. Your new tag: "Tacos Way Better" or some such slam at Taco Bell.

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