Wednesday, January 27, 2010

People Get Ready, There's a Train A-Comin'

It appears the President will be down in Florida tomorrow to announce a bunch of federal dollars coming our way for a high-speed rail connecting Orlando and Tampa.

That's cool. I've always wanted America to get a decent rail system. (An old post that continues to ring true for too many on this blog is "Amtrack Sucks.")

But I wish we lived in the 1930s, when if a President announced a monster huge job like this, it'd get done in a year. As it is, projects like these have gone the way of jobs in just about every other industry in this country, including advertising. Studies. Meetings. Holdups. Overruns. Redos. More meetings. Another meeting. Focus groups. Surveys. A poll. More studies. Put it on hold for a while. Reconvene. Look at it. Have more meetings. Talk in circles. Too many people trying to justify why they are involved in the project and fighting with one another over who has control.

I'll believe it when I see it.

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