Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hippies in the Suburbs Eating Lunch Meat

While I like the concept of the couple not happy with their neighbor's overgrown place and the comic tension of the scene, something misses with this Hormel ad. I like the pacing, the dialog, the acting, even the silly punchline of the natural and naked wife in her yard. The spot makes you smile slightly, keeping you interested, until they shift gears and hit you with the pitch voiced by perky girl reading odd copy.

The corporate tag at the end is trying too hard and failing, stuck on at the close in what feels like a template designed by a meddling CMO. "Life. Better Served." Seriously? LIFE? Better Served? Kind of a heavy-handed message to be coming from lunch meat.

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  • "Life.Better Served." Amazing how we let insanely grandiose lines like that wash over us without thinking, because thinking about them would make us feel that language is meaningless.

    Sounds huge. Means Nothing. Insert Brand.

    By the way, as long as you're monitoring commercials, please advise when Miracle Whip finally buckles and tones it down.

    By Anonymous Jimmy Carter's Gremlin, at February 16, 2010 at 9:20 PM  

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