Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No Two Alike

I like to dabble. Today I will be a T-shirt designer. I can see a day when we will all just advertise ourselves 24/7. You'll have your Twitter handle on the back of your car as a bumper sticker. And this will be called the Twit Shirt. You can wear your own customized Twit Shirt to that social media conference, around the office, or if you're very daring and don't mind stalkers, out on the town late at night. Aren't we all becoming branded anyway?

(If there's an entrepreneurial sort out there who wants to jump on this with me and make a few bucks selling Twit Shirts, my Twitter name is right there on my Twit Shirt. I hope you have a giant T-shirt factory that can print single-order T-shirts at a profit.)

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