Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stupid Ad That Thinks It's Clever #34,976

Clorox has been running these banners on AMC's Mad Men site with companion TV spots airing during the show.

So, first we wink at adultery. That's cute, but I'm not sure you want your brand associated with helping a guy cover up his indiscretions. Assumed in this clever line is that "ad guys" are a more philandering lot than say, gynecologists. Most ad guys I've known only wished they were so rakish, but their stupidity usually repelled the women.

But most preposterous in this ad is the assumption that an "ad guy" of generations ago would even know how to do his own laundry before his wife saw the lipstick stain. In fact, a man doing his own laundry in the '60s would likely arouse the suspicion of his wife.

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  • Agreed. One of the stupidest Mad Men tie-in ads. Besides, Clorox bleach will not remove lipstick stains (at least not by itself) and using bleach on white fabrics will eventually cause them to yellow. I don't see Don and Roger trying to scrub lipstick stains out of their own shirts, but I guess guys like that would send them to a commercial laundry.

    By OpenID pikkewyntjie, at October 7, 2010 at 7:51 PM  

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