Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Perpetually Malcontented Trolls of TripAdvisor

You can't believe everything you read, especially on TripAdvisor. If it's not some asshole looking for a free meal or a comped night, it's the proprietor himself posting fake five-star reviews. You want a glowing review of that hotel you're thinking of booking? You can find it! You want a picture of mold in the shower? You can find that, too!

A London brand reputation management firm is hoping to sue TripAdvisor on behalf of its clients. The founder of the firm, a master of the obvious, said, "The world of the Internet and particularly social media has pretty much outstripped ethical guidelines, and some legal ones as well.”

Everyone's a reviewer. Everyone's a critic. Your best bet is the recommendation of someone you know and trust; someone who will give you the straight story. "It was awesome. I mean, sure, the little bottles of shampoo were kinda harsh on my hair, but other than that, good bed, nice view, decent staff. It's a hotel, man, what do you want?"

Or you can trust the whining freaks who can't wait to get home and pretend to be authorities on all things hospitality and dining.

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