Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Word of Bumper

As far as I'm concerned, barbecue is barbecue. You can argue about Memphis, Kansas City, Chicago and any other city that lays claim to barbecue expertise, but I'll eat any of it and like most of it. I have no ties to any of the great barbecue cities nor is my palate sophisticated enough to judge one over the other.

Lately I've been seeing this bumper sticker all over town. It's for a place that opened just over two years ago and only has three locations. I've not seen or heard a commercial for 4 Rivers Smokehouse, no banner ads, no print media or outdoor boards. I just keep seeing these bumper stickers. I don't follow them on Twitter nor they me. I'm not a fan of theirs on Facebook. (1,042 followers and 8,642 fans. Impressive numbers, really.) Apparently they've been reviewed positively plenty of times.

People think enough of this place to ruin the paint jobs on their cars. I have also heard a few people expressing a desire to try 4 Rivers, saying they've heard it's excellent.

That is some seriously effective, low budget advertising, especially in the hard-to-stay-alive-let-alone-compete restaurant category.

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