Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Anthony Bourdain Discovers Drunk Food

It's all over the Internet, so I might as well comment on it as well.

These two are wasted, no question, and of course that's what Waffle House is all about. But the way this thing is making the rounds of social media has me suspicious. Because I'm that way.

But Bourdain's gushing doesn't stop there. He appears on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his CNN show about, what else? What Bourdain shows are always about. Anthony Bourdain going around the world eating and drinking and talking about what a badass New Yorker he is, (basically, being a brash and obnoxious tourist) longing for the days when NYC was all junkies and whores and the sidewalks smelled of urine and there was a chance that any night in Manhattan you might be knifed or raped, before that bastard Giuliani kicked out all those colorful people and made it safe for (hocks up giant phlegm ball and spits with derision) TOURISTS. But there's something disingenuous about the way he goes into Waffle House spokesman here.


I smell Waffle House behind this. I'll never prove that. But there's way too much press behind this supposedly "real" moment for there not to also be some money behind it.

And that's fine if Bourdain is being paid to shill for Waffle House. Just be upfront about it.

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