Monday, November 23, 2015

In The Afterglow of a Foursome with Himself

Sir Richard Branson demonstrates the new cubby bed, where you can sit in a corner and work or read, not disturbing the other three people in the bed. These beds are in the new Virgin Hotel Chicago, and more locations will be springing up around the country.

In fairness to the art director on this shoot, there was no better way to demonstrate the function of the bed. (Except, of course, a family with two kids. Dad or mom in the corner, kids and the other parent watching TV.) Any other combination of people would've been pornographic.

"Two men and two women?"


"Four guys?"


"Four women?"

"Well...I could see that, but no."

"Let's get Richard to be all four people!"

"Genius, because what would Richard like more than himself? Three more Richards!"


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